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Current Searches for Superintendents and Treasurers

Below is a list of current searches offered by K-12 Business Consulting:

Superintendent Positions:

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Completed Superintendent Searches

Treasurer/CFO Positions:

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Completed Treasurer/CFO Searches

Often when folks don't get a job, they wonder why. The attached article shed some light on the value of building rapport and small talk before candidates even begin their interview. This could be the moments prior to the interview when they introduce themselves and shake hands with BOE members.


Doing homework on the BOE members backgrounds (often found on websites) and the district's financial and academic performance is a good way to make a connection. It can be the difference between success and failure, according to research.


- Chris Mohr

"How to Build Instant Rapport in an Interview" by Sue Shellenbarger. Published in The Wall Street Journal.

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"I am so pleased we decided to use your services. It made the process highly efficient, very easy, and, dare I say, enjoyable. I am thrilled to be able to hire someone the quality of Dale. Thanks for uncovering such fine candidates. It surpassed my expectations!"

- Steve Schwitzgable

Northeastern LSD Board Member

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