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We offer management consultant services to a diverse range of districts. We focus our practice on the areas below to help districts:

5 Year Forecasts


Software and Support: We provide each client with a software license which includes a full suite of products including forecast model, notes, and power point presentations, along with individualized professional support.


Forecasting Model: Our model is the center of our services. It includes tax calculations, state funding projections, staff modeling, student enrollment, and levy analysis. All custom built to your district.


Professional Notes: Your forecast is only as good as your notes and assumptions. The K-12 note document is customized to your district and includes data tables and graphs to make the presentation professional and documented.


Power Point Presentations: We include Power Point presentations with every forecast to prepare the CFO to tell the district's financial story. "Professional and to the point" is a comment we often hear regarding our presentation of your district data.


Levy Modeling: When needed a custom tab is added to your model along with our guidance and support to model various revenue sources.


Chris Mohr's VIP Group: We continue to provide our clients with updates throughout the year consisting of timely, relevant financial information that will impact a five-year forecast.

Forecasting Example
Adobe Acrobat document [1.4 MB]

Superintendent and Treasurer Search Services

We provide a highly competitive search service program. Many other search services are double even triple the cost of our program. We customize each search around a collaboratively developed search profile that includes Board of Education and staff interviews.  In addition, we add community engagement for superintendent search profile development. K-12 Business Consulting is pleased to announce that in 2013 we are partnering with the Ohio Association of School Business Officials (OASBO) to offer the finest Treasurer/CFO Search Services for Boards of Education. This strategic partnership expands our networking capabilities to find the very best talent for our clients.

Once the search profile is developed we target individuals through an extensive network of contacts and targeted advertisements.


We actively recruit quality candidates for these top leadership positions and selecting only those who meet the profile criteria. Our candidates are recruited, and not from a pool of applicants who apply for every job that is open. Our extensive contacts are used to help identify candidates meeting your profile. If desired we provide a leadership readiness profile for the final candidates showing key leadership strengths and weaknesses so you get to know your candidates from a natural ability level. We are there from beginning to end, until the successful candidate is selected. We guarantee the hire for one full year.


We will also make sure your position gets national exposure if your district is open to candidates from other states. We have contacts to gain this exposure for our clients.


When candidates are secured we manage the interviewing process for Boards of Education including question development and decision ranking systems. When your candidate is selected we help in salary analysis and contract negotiations at your direction.


Superintendent Search Services
Superintendent Search Services by K-12 B[...]
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Treasurer Search Services
K-12BC Treasurer Search Brochure.2023.pd[...]
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Comparison Study and Trend Analysis


How your district compares to others: Many school districts would like to see how they compare to similar school districts for many reasons. Our comparison studies liken your district to others in 96 key financial and student performance categories using current State report card and financial data compared with previous years. We use your ODE 20 Similar Districts and a custom peer group you select to compare your district. We believe that "A District that Cares....Compares". Looking for efficiencies often starts with benchmarking with other districts.


In many instances the comparison study reveals areas that suggest further analysis and may result in potential savings, increased efficiency or further clarification. Efficiency studies are conducted with knowledgeable experts who focus on targeted areas of operations in a district. Our reviews have saved districts millions of dollars and improved efficiency.

Trend Analysis Example
K-12.Example Benchmark Trend Analysis.pd[...]
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Capital Plan


We provide a report that goes building by building, and piece by piece to layout repairs and costs by year so your district can budget funds to maintain facilities based on priority so resources are used efficiently. We can also extend this study to custodial, food service and athletic equipment and bus replacement if desired. This is a key management report to help budget funds but also to support amounts needed for PI levies.

Capital Plan Example - Northridge 2021.06.06
Northridge Final Report 6.6.2021.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [931.0 KB]
"Capital Planning & Your Five-Year Forecast" by Jeff Gordon, SBO Quarterly, September 2021.
Capital Planning Five Year Forecast.pdf
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Food Service Solutions


We provide each client with a comprehensive assessment and analysis of their Food Service operation. With these tools, we are able to identify the areas that are below standard benchmarks. By identifying the opportunities for improved financial performance in the Food Service operation, changes can be made to reduce or eliminate the General Fund subsidy. There are four key areas we focus on: [1] Review of Menu/Cycle Cost, [2] Analysis of Purchasing/Commodities, [3] Work Productivity Analysis, [4] District Visit.

How to Stop Subsidizing Your School Food Service
How to Stop Subsidizing Your School Food[...]
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Food Service Management Report Sample 2021
Food Service Management Report - Western[...]
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Food Service Consulting Recommendation
Food Service Consulting Recommendation.p[...]
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Budget Process and Training


Process Software and Support: We provide each client with a software license and access to our full service support for creating a modified zero based budget for your district.


Account Code Structure: We will work with each client to review and advise on account code structure to get the desired level of budget control for your district.


Process and Timeline: Our clients are given a process outline and timeline for budget preparation and implementation.


Budget Training: A budget training program is included for each district so building principals and department heads can be trained on budget processes.


Budget Justification: Budget highlight forms are provided so each principal and department head can demonstrate efficient goal driven use of tax dollars.


Budget Document: A budget document is prepared for each client that ties together the districts five year forecast and budgets for the fiscal year. This professional document demonstrates the districts commitment to accountability.

Budget Example
Budget Document Example.pdf
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Efficiency Review


To begin an efficiency review we know that we need to have boots on the ground in your district to interview key administrators and managers to help ensure solid business practices are being used and to ensure Board policies and laws are being followed. We report to the Board and administration on areas of strength and on opportunities for savings. This is an independent look at your district to provide operational savings that are sensible and viable. Every review we have performed has paid for itself multiple times over while providing administration data to help tighten systems and practices.

Efficiency Study Example
Efficiency Study Example.pdf
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Shared Service Faciliation


We recognize the changing landscape of school business and the need to squeeze costs and increase quality of service.  We offer a Shared Service Facilitation program recognizing the growing trend for school districts to increase service quality and lower costs by sharing talent.  Our program can help a school district determine if shared services is right for their district and the shared school business official.  When this is determined we will also assist in seeking a district that would be a good partner in a shared service venture.  We help with facilitation, explanation and negotiating the contracts.  Our goal is to help your district make it happen.

Goal Setting and Team Building


Following the employment process for Superintendents and Treasurers we offer an added optional service of activities to help the leadership team get off to a great start. This is always a very productive activity to help newly hired administrators settle in to their new position and build bridges with new colleagues.

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What People Are Saying...

"Thank you so very very much!! This has been the EASIEST process ever!! [Five Year Forecast] I truly mean that too! You have been a complete lifesaver to me!! I really can't thank you enough!!"

- Vickie Browing-Prowitt

Treasurer/CFO, Lisbon EVSD

"I want to thank you for your services with the Treasurer search. I sincerely appreciate your professionalism throughout the search. Your thoroughness and guidance was invaluable and the entire experience far exceeded my expectations."

- Brad Blandin

BOE Member, Lake Local SD

"If there was an evaluation questionnaire, there'd be nothing but 10 out of 10s from the beginning to the end throughout the process. ...you even gave us a roadmap to implement your recommendations - that's going above and beyond!"

- Thomas Brockway

Treasurer, Pymatuning LSD

"Working with Chris Ashley has had significant financial benefit to our district, his years of food service experience have provided an exceptional amount of education to myself as a Treasurer, as well as the districts cafeteria staff."

- Kim Jones

Treasurer, Paulding EVSD

"I wanted to thank you again for your direction/assistance with this process. I was impressed with everything you did, it was very thorough and spot on. I know we wouldn't have had the strong pool of candidates without your leadership and you made our jobs difficult, which is a good thing in this case."

- BOE Member

Lake Local School District

"I am so pleased we decided to use your services. It made the process highly efficient, very easy, and, dare I say, enjoyable. I am thrilled to be able to hire someone the quality of Dale. Thanks for uncovering such fine candidates. It surpassed my expectations!"

- Steve Schwitzgable

Board Member, Northeastern LSD

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